Sunday, 5 May 2013


 First thing this morning pulled over to Bridgewater Marina for diesel and a couple of  other items,while there Ray and Diane pulled up on NB Ferndale for similar,on their way up to Lancaster Canal.Had  a cuppa and a bite of Diane's banana bread,tasty.Good to catch up and  know you'll have great weather for the Ribble Link. Dave is the man to see at Bridgewater, Excellent service, diesel prices and goes the extra mile at no extra cost.

 Only travelled a mile and half to Worsley and what a picturesque setting around the Delph where the underground mining for stone to build the Bridgewater Canal took  place.Parked up and went for a walk to check out some local history all about 500 metres from our mooring.

 Houses facing the Green,once a place for ship building, carpentry iron fabrication etc.

 Two separate houses under one roof but very tasty.

The left and right tunnel entrances, went back 500 metres then joined then went for 52 miles under ground on 4 levels .To bring rock out used wagons horses and barges that carried from 2 to 30 tonne
propelled by people on their backs pushing off tunnel roof with feet, Started 1754.

Leonie outside old court house.

 This little house was about twice the size of the picture.Canal in background is that colour cos, the water and iron is still flowing out of tunnels.

 Worsley's  oldest building,1725, called the Nail House  because that's what was made there..Tunnel on far right was thought to be a stable type buiding for horses used underground.

 A nice private residence..

 Opposite our mooring this boat house was built 1851 to house a royal barge used  for Queen Victoria's visit.

1760 building,the steps in front is where boats pulled up to load passengers for trips to Manchester, Warrington and Runcorn.

Guess whats cooking??  Sante biscuits,,Wicked..

Hit the cut tomorrow and clock up a few K's, now going to clock up a few ZZZZZZsssssss...

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