Monday, 6 May 2013

To Lymm

 Before heading off this morning, 9.50am, a hire day boat pulled in front to load a couple more people.The fella in green is on the turps and another fella off the boat had been to the rubbish bin to discard several empties. They headed off and after 50mtrs turned hard right into the canal side.Oh well, not their boat.
From Worsley to Sale is pretty uninteresting canal,but the Barton Swing Aqueduct breaks the journey and luckily for us the  Aqueduct and adjacent road bridge were both swung sideways to let a ship pass through to Manchester.

Canal ends with the lock gate, ship passes behind ..

This is the "canal" swung sideways full of water. Looked for a sign of a leak but nothing.

a third of the way back..

Now back in place..

In place but still with lock gates shut each end..

Off we go onto Aqueduct...

View from half way across  toward Manchester...

 Other direction showing the road swing bridge...

Crossed it and looking back, can't even see the "joins" where the two water's meet..
Must be one of the seven wonders of the world.. Opened 1894..

Carried on to Lymm, done 14 miles today,was so hot and easy to just "cruze" on and find a nice looking place to moor up..and Lymm is that..     Looking over Lymm bridge toward village.

Small old village with 4 pubs and plenty off restaurants...The drinkers in the "garden bar" at the pub on right were about 2 feet of  a busy road..

Moored up about 4.15pm, the village and canal side was "goin off",hot day, ice creams, beer, narrow boats and plastics  nose to tail,  Awesome...

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