Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gone NoWhere

If you can't handle  R20 photo's and text go to another blog now.........

Still reading?? well today's weather wasn't too  flash, showers of rain and blowing quite strong gusts. We don't need to move in that weather so we didn't and the day saw some high drama.

 First off Leonie looked  up the net and taught herself to splice rope, will come in handy. Especially the hangmans noose if anyone ever suggests  I get a job...

 Then it was on to bread making, first attempt, multi grain buns and they turned out good. Dangerous around a hot oven. A burn scar on a buttock can put an end to photo shoots for life..

After all that excitement and stress a game of solitaire was fitted in, got to be carefull, RSI can be work and pleasure ending..

 Then it was bathroom cleaning time, hand basin and crapper, could've  smelt like a house of ill repute and one may never rid the memory of that..

And the shower, wash the evidence down the drain..

The weather cleared toward the end of the day..

A day like that's enough to send one around the bend..

Clear skies to the west...

Tomorrow  we'll just move on...


  1. yo panel man ! the boys at huxtable's are still reading, interesting info coming through mate keep it up :) caught many fish yet? lol

  2. "READING" WHO, which one of you does that, I know John would only belooking at pictures...Cheers...