Tuesday, 7 May 2013

On To Preston Brook

Another sunny hot day, headed across canal to Lymm village,saw a real butcher shop yesterday and wanted a look when he was open, did you know  my Dad was a "village" butcher?, meats all looked good but didn't buy.Also had a look in two charity shops,for a steal,yeah I know everythings cheap, to sharpen knives,no luck.

Head'd off and meet this fella trying to u turn,had inches to spare but didn't make it so pulled boat to side and waved us through.

Another NB had just passed and tooted his horn, got these kids wound up,so I did the same, they were running, screaming out horn, horn, tugging on the fence,funny thing was teacher running behind yelling Children,Children not one took any notice, sikk..


Saw this dominating tower, Its part of the Daresbury Science Park. You can imagine the "Brains" that work in there. What would the tower be used for? maybe measuring the falling rate of say Jam Sandwiches.

Anyway we turn the corner and here's some of these "brains" out on the patio hav"n lunch so I pull over and say " Oui there, can anybody tell me howcome  someone's like us got no job and we can afford to buy a boat,diesel,food,travel wherever whenever while you guys work 12 hrs a day",  NO answer,  Who"s got the brains then?..

Leonie got off and walked 3 miles today, they say walking in the sun and fresh air in an unspoilt  country side is the best..

What The.......

Pulled over at Preston Brook, walked to chandlery bout mile away,got some toilet no smell stuff then took it easy.....



  1. It's starting to cool down over here now, was 3 this morning when I left for work but a beautiful sunny day followed. Looks like you have got plenty of sunshine. Aren't you missing work yet? Yeah right. Jo

  2. Very much enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.

    The workers at Daresbury Science Park no doubt have dreams and aspirations for their own retirement as you did. They may well have been happy to tell you but were stunned into silence by what you said. Were you really as rude as you sounded on your blog? You'll be giving Kiwis a bad name!