Wednesday, 8 May 2013

To Runcorn & Back...

Had a Crap sleep last night, noise from M56 motorway was painful even though we had  allowed plenty of distance before mooring.Today's weather looked suspect bout 10.30am, light shower, cloud, but we headed off and it cleared quickly and was pretty mild. Travelled to Runcorn  which used to link with the Mersey to Liverpool but since 1966 its become a dead end. The towns old, crappy really, the best part was the trip there and leaving. Walked to the Mersey for a look.

 The Old, the railway bridge spanning the Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal.

The New, The single span road bridge doing the same.

The dead end of the canal.Through the centre arch  there used to be 10 double locks down  to the Mersey..

Headed back past Preston Brook turned right to head South. Stopped at entrance to Preston Brook Tunnel, our first tunnel, going this way can only enter tunnel on the half hr,to 20 mins to the hr.

 Never look back...
1239 yds long, not quite straight, all brick lined, opened 1776. Only wide enough for one boat.

 The Southern end in sight.

Exited the tunnel and done Dutton Stop Lock.Sunken Plastic boat on right and a line up of NB's being worked on to the left. The plastic needs a couple stiks of Jelly, its tight steering.

Travelled another mile and chucked in the piks by bridge 213, washed one side of the boat, that's another day done.


  1. great blog so far mate.let me know when you want me to nip over and touch up all the scrapes and gouges in the boat.keep up the good work.the cane,...dont mention the war ..not even a little bit hahahaha

  2. Cheers,boat needs a few touch ups, maybe one of your Flame Jobs on each side, LOL, We don't want a Hurricane, to hard to steer...