Friday, 10 May 2013

Moving Again..

Steady rain made the decision to stay in bed Easy, about 11.30am the rain eased so we decided to take a walk, about a mile and half, back along  the tow path, over the hill the tunnel goes through,  to catch up with Paul and Elaine. They were just pulling up at the tunnel entrance,had a 15 min, wait before they could enter so we had a Yak, caught up on some news.They entered the tunnel,Leonie and myself hoofed it back over the tunnel  hill and then helped through the lock.We jumped on board for the return to our boat,untied and followed
until we both moored up. Paul done an early  Recky, checked out the nearest pub where we later went for a meal and drinks.

NB Caxton approaches tunnel entry.

Always a good sight when boat emerges from tunnel.

Chain sawed seat at site  of canal wash out.

Blow out of canal side went to valley below, 9 months and 2.5 mill,pounds its all go..

When we stopped Elaines dogs got off to have a gallop,sam jumped on Fireflynz  for a perve,when he didn't reappear an investigation found him Right At Home.Good Dog..

BomBo  wouldn't enter, just barked, he'd learnt "stranger danger".

Small farm house adjacent..

Clearing skies,looks good for tomorrow..

Could'nt get a TV signal so had to use the KIWI enginuity, boat pole with  window cleaning blade for a base, then sat TV areial on all held together with insulation tape, got about 10channels..

At the Pub, Paul, Elaine  +(Leonies finger) all pointing to Pudd,n....

Tomorrow weather permitting it's the Anderton Boat Lift....can't wait...

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