Monday, 29 April 2013


Headed out of Liverpool Docks 9am Saturday with the C&RT deputy sherrifs escort,actually they do the manual labour on the locks,Happy Feet who was so Sing Song on last  Fridays escort had trouble even pretending we existed ,I reckon his "team"lost the day before.Still the transition from the  salt to the  soup went smooth but a chilling wind spoilt the effect of the sun.Done our first sharing of double locks with Caxton, Elaine and Paul. By the time we got to the Stanley Locks,and after some good advice from senior officer Paul, we were moving  from one lock to next and entering locks side by side.I'm an expert now. Having passed through  the last C&RT operated bridge,No 9, the banks were busy with fisherman trying their luck, then we heard a clang on the side of the boat,looking toward the bank in the scrub were too teenage pieces of S--T just about to throw a second missile ,luckily it flew over the top of Leonie and myself. We yelled at them and grabbed for the camera but they retreated only to emerge and do the same to Paul and Elaine with two hits.It only takes a couple of Scumbags to give the area a bad rap.We moored up in the country side and went for some beers with Paul & Elaine at the local,had to walk bout 500 metres.

Nice Stone Walls

Country pub at Melling

To get to the Pub we walked along a Public walkway which gives access right across the farmers property.
Old stone buildings on the farm.

 Sunday we headed off  about 11am travelling through Maghull,Leonie & Elaine operating the frequent swing bridges and walking between them exercising Sam & Bombo.A cool wind blew which turned to rain,a good excuse to park up,this time outside The Saracens Head pub,we four had dinner and drinks, Paul and Ray going for the Beef and Pork roasts.

Apparently you can moor closer to a pub,NB FireflyNZ with Caxton behind.

Monday dawned fine blue skies but a gusty 30-40 mph wind made up our minds to stay put.

                   Lookind at bridge arch with grooves worn by ropes from days past when horses towed working boats and rope had to "bend" as horses followed tow path.

Tuesday forecast looks ok so well move on probably head up Rufford Branch for a look.OH,gonna have a beer tonight  at "Local"because we can.(you would like it Joanne & Birnie,True..)


  1. Looks like fun. Wish we were there. Jo

    1. Well today was more fun and I'll tell you why,Cos the Bloody Sun Shone...

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  3. my email address is hope you are both having heaps of me so we can catch up..take it easy.j