Friday, 3 May 2013

Head.n South....

Had NO internet or TV coverage last night so two days travelling to catch up on.Stayed  Wednesday night at Spark Bridge on the Rufford, went to Janet and Peter Royle's for dinner,Peter being the chef, excellent food and great host's made for a top night,thanks. Headed off Thursday bout 11am in clear skies and rising temperatures. By the time we reached the Rufford Junction a fair old sweat had been worked up doing locks. Parked up for the night at Parbold. Up earley this morning on the move by 9am, another pleasant day but not as hot as the previous, made Wigan and have parked opposite CRT along with 4 others. The last two days seeing a lot of boats on the move.

The suns shining and no wind. Was I thinking about, OH must order those parts for the Jones job, must do that quote for IAG, Wilsons car has to be delivered by 4pm, NOT BLOODY LIKELY....

First bridge of the day and it's a manuel swing for pedestrian traffic in the wilds..Leonies turn.. 



Entering a lock with the" Paint It Black" tee-shirt
Go The Mighty  ALLBLACKS...

Leonie doing a lock with a " Clough",wooden arm  has to be lifted up to the vertical position to open the paddle.Did one other like it and think they're the only two on the network.

These mounds of dirt are made by Moles burrowing under ground,they're very common.

Leonie picked up some hitch hikers, gave Mum, Dad and young Jamie a ride between locks,was ok as we got a hand and it was getting very warm.

In fact so warm this Pommey fisherman threw his own gear in the canal so he had to get in and find it, plus cool down at the same time, I bet he's a forman at his work.

I got a spare towel if you want to swim....

Moored at Parbold.

Don't mention the War........          (ps, told you i'd find you a bach Jo...)

Bloody winds got up tonight,retied the moorings twice, off down the Bridgewater canal tomorrow.


  1. dont mention the war...hahaha.thats my line ...

  2. That's why I used it " Hurricane" i'd only quote a famous person..Keep in touch have you read previous blogs to see what we been up too?,

  3. ive had a quick look but will have a good look tonight.looks like your making lots of friends and havin fun ..take care..i hope you dont rock the boat too much hahahah.seeya later