Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Rufford 2

 Another sunny day,thats two in a  row,but who's counting,about 10am had breakfast on the foredeck in the sunshine.

Past Rufford and the trees are starting to show some cover.

Then through the greenery appeared Rufford Old Hall,now a National Trust property and old
Willy,thats William Shakespeare, on good advice was said to have visited here.


 Rufford Old Hall.

 The canal narrowed somewhat with reeds both sides,up ahead was a nearly 90 degree turn,bit tricky keeping the rear of the boat in the deepest part.

Arrived at Tarleton which has the visitors moorings in an industrial area,not worth a photo and  didn't
venture to village.Used the winding hole to turn,our 57 foot boat, only just had room,  plus a permanent was parked on one side,DOOOHH. Down the weed hatch wasn't to bad for the day.

The ultimate BOY'S bach,right on the water,tell the "missuss" "just going down the bach with the boys,back soon" yeah rite.


  1. Photos are awesome, the weather doesn't look too bad either. Can I come to the BOY'S bach? Jo

  2. Weathers turned good,I'll find you your own bach,ok...

  3. okay.i think i got this wesite sorted now.ill save it to my is my email addresss wld be good to catch up on pokerstars or something
    .looks like your havin fun.j