Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Up The Rufford

Paul caught up on some body touch ups during our lay day in port Halsall.Later Me and Paul had a cupla pints in the pub.

We don't miss out on "nutt,n" on the "cut", Vanilla ice cream infused with raspberries and white chocolate accompanied by strawberries "split'd down Da Middale" with a "sprinklaaay of icing sugaaarr",


Headed off today got to swing bridge number bout zillion and three bout mid day and it couldn't be opened even by  adding all our IQ'S together the best we could do was a message on screen of bridge control box saying,Wedges Jammed. A call to C&RT and the reply,be there in an hour.With time to kill and the sun shinning, no crap it was, a sample of Leonie's Yummy baking,Tan Square, and a couple of Heinies were partaken .Some people might say 12 o'clock on a Tuesday is too early to be drinking,well its 7pm somewhere in the world. The C&RT man was there sooner and we were on our way.

 Carried on in convoy until Rufford Branch,we stopped for water fill,Paul & Elaine carried on toward Wigan.Been excellent sharing your company the last week and a half,hope we can catch up later on.

Seeya, just lapping up that sunshine..

 This was the sight as we entered the Rufford Branch,3 locks here,the swing pedestrian bridge was just about unmovable with  Leonie and me pushing harder than an All Black scrum.We got through completeing a total of six locks and a swing bridge parking up about five thirty.

Look at that, unobscurred sun,must have hit 17c I rekon,cant wait till tomorrow.

Goin down in a lock practicually under the arch of the bridge.Windlass operater Leonie showing great patience, you can't rush the process..

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