Friday, 26 April 2013

Liverpool 3

Came across this Dude today,Yep he's alive,head first upside down arms folded balancing in a bucket.Heaps of people were chucking money in his other bucket,and he was even thanking them.He reckons the Worst thing about the job was the Price of the Buckets.

 In the Saint Georges Hall building,big organ..nice pipes.

 Big Iron chandelier

 Apparentley this fella did not Like the Colour Green

 Same Fella same dislike.

Cunard Building,if your worldly you'll say AH , the Queen Mary ship and others.

 The Liver Building clock face,HAHA bigger than Bens..

 Inside the stone Gigantis the Liverpool Anglican Cathederal,they rushed the building cos,there was an important wedding due,started 1908 finished 1978, by then the" to be" bride had been married 7 times.

 Bigger than Texas..

 Went up the Tower was so high 323 freak'n feet it was raining up there,walked around on like a  timber pallet covered with matting walkway, Spooky..

Looking over the city centre you can see the Radio Tower building ,looks  pretty Pissy.. 
Finally had a feed of Fish & Chips,GREASY'S proper name.Chik says "you want vinegar"? What ;and ruin the taste of the Fat..

 Leonie pretending that Lions don't frighten her,if only she had of know there were 5 more ,tough as..

 And you thought your shitty arse 2001 Toyota Corolla had all the comforts,Air Con, 1851 apparently Dave,sweated a lot.. Also he would'nt draw air from the East side of the outer buildind cos,there was a cemetery there and those dead bastards Stunk..


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