Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Hard Days Night

A peaceful night at bridge 9,tidy spot,awake with the alarm and the final push to the docks with a touch of sunshine made for enjoyable travel.We were tied up by 2.30pm.The canals on the way through the suburbs are rubbish laden but when we decended the 4 lock Stanley flight the magic of the harbour and surroundings becomes apparrent.The huge Stanley Dock tobacco warehouse,built 1901,14 stories,125 feet high,27 million bricks 30,000 panes of glass and covering 36 acres was by area the worlds largest building.
Looking down the Stanley flight.

Leaving a lock.

A small part of the Tobbaco warehouse.

The warehouse viewed from the locks.

Passing through Salisbury dock turn left at the Victoria clock tower,(not Flemington).

On the way through the salt water passage we passed through 7 separatley named docks no doubt all with a ton of history attacthed.

Entering Princess Dock lock,British Waterways fella's do the manual labour in here.

Entering last 2 locks,Mann Island Lock.

Two tunnels take us beneath roads and buildings.

It was dark as in here with a bend as well.

The Port Of Liverpool building.

The Royal Liver building.

Royal Liver.

Arrive at Salthouse Dock. Paul & Elaine kindly took photo's & assisted with the mooring.

After tying up and checking out the facilities and surroundings I've gota pinch myself, gave Leonie one as well,this is so cool,3 weeks ago im in a 4 car traffic jam in Napier NZ,now were not only visiting Liverpool but we steered a narrow boat into this sea port.
Went out for drinks and a meal with Ray & Diane,Paul & Elaine,a good night,Paul & Ray trying the Liverpool Scouse meal.

Diane & Ray.The Scouse had no effect on Ray..

Ray,Elaine & Paul, there was an element of doubt but it was'nt a "gay" bar..

Lunch at the Hilton,(200 metres away), 70 Quid ,lunch at Pauls place,(Salthouse Dock) Priceless.

After an excellent day I said to Leonie,"we should be sleeping like a log".

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