Thursday, 25 April 2013

Liverpool 2

 Had a couple of computer hang ups but sorted now so have a bit of catching up todo.Have really enjoyed Liverpool,everythings so accessable from the mooring,and the city centre is so clean around the shopping area.Trendy modern buildings along with the old heritage buildings make interesting viewing.The weathers been good, had very little rain and high of about 15 Celsius.

 The Town Hall buiding 1802.

Another of the Liver building,first in the world to use reinforced concrete,1911.

Typical old office block.

 Viewed from the boat, an exhibition nearby featuring..............Marc Bolan,
T REX...

 Also from the boat,the old pump house,1870,now a pub,pumped water around the docks.All brick used,no wood as a precaution against fire.

 The Manly Ferry,, aka Caxton chilling out.

 No wind here..
 Took a trip by train,20 min, to Port Sunlight,named after the Lever Brothers who made Sun Light soap.William Lever built a village to house his workers,800 homes,schools,baths,hospital etc,started 1888.Used 30 different architects so the houses didn't all look alike.

 Above and Above,not bad for factory workers digs.

 Lady Lever art gallery opened 1922,all William Lever collection.Rooms of it.

 Tidy ceiling,art gallery..

This painting looked So Real...

Travelled with Ray and Diane,NB, Ferndale,having a cuppa,tea rooms Port Sunlight..Oh,Banjo had a water with a chocolate treat..

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