Sunday, 14 April 2013

Shake Down

Looking at the weather forecast Thursday seemed like the best day for the driving lesson & locking demo,s,nice choice,intermittent rain with a freezing wind chill.After topping up the diesel tank & swapping a gas bottle from the fuel boat we set off.Passed Paul & Elaine at Crooke,im on the tiller making for our first lock.I found the boat more responsive than  I imagined so steering seemed to be going ok.Janet took Leonie to do the lock,i steered in and sweat.The second lock was Appley deep lock,the fall to the exit water level is quite amazing,Hey,were new to this,ok.I think some people could get claustrophobic down there.Next was a pedestrian swing bridge,human power to move,then 2, stop the traffic, swing bridges,electric.Pulled over at Parbold, opposite the old windmill, had some lunch.NB The Manly Ferry passed with the rain falling and a bitter wind blowing.We carried on to the Rufford Branch junction,our u turning point were I gave the over bridge a bit of a nudge but completed a "5 point"turn.Leonie steered on the return and I did the swing bridges & locks.All in all a really enjoyable first days boating.Thanks Janet & Pete for passing on your valuable knowledge & braving the cold.

Appley Deep lock going down.

Leaving Appley Lock

Turned around at Rufford Branch

Old windmill at Parbold now shops

Leonie steering approaching Apperley Lock,Peter offering advice.

She made it..

Lunch time with Peters Awesome home made bread buns

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