Friday, 17 May 2013

One Nice Canal...

Headed off this morning from Middlewich  along the Shropshire Union Canal,(Middlewich Branch),and what a great trip.Very rural and scenic. After mooring last night by Elaine & Paul today we've gone on different canals with them heading for Stone. It was awesome having a catch up for a few days  after Liverpool, thanks for the good times. The Weather was mild all day and the sun broke the cloud cover regulary too.

Addios Amigo's.. OH Sam and BomBo too.


Early on and Leonie and a fellow boater with their Bum-acks into moving a lock gate..

Houston...Houston we still on Trak....

We must be in dairy country, and they're out of the winter quarters with a tonne of grass about..

This is about as conjested as it gets on this canal..

Nice old canal side stables with stable doors all along side but now a house...

This canal has a lot of narrow passes with "blind" approaches, Leonie handled them Good on her watch at the helm..

A leaky lock, not good for washing drying on rack on front deck, lock fills to dry line around top, 11foot 1 inch rise..

Moored up by Barbridge Junction, on toward Chester tomorrow.....

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